Author and Illustrators

Dessia Crawmer and Pink Nose Princess Sophie

Author, Dessia Crawmer, LCSW

Dessia Crawmer, LCSW has a deep therapeutic understanding of family life and the emotional “heart” issues of a child. It is the author’s vision to impact society with her Pink Nose Princess Sophie series by teaching the principles of emotional resilience to children as they enjoy each royal tale.

Corey Wolfe, Walt Disney Illustrator, Pink Nose Princess SophieCorey Wolfe, Walt Disney Artist

Corey Wolfe illustrates Pink Nose Princess Sophie’s adventure with his beautiful artistic style that children will love.

A partial list of Corey’s clients include Disney, Mattel, Hasbro, Hanna Barbara, Time magazine (a cover), Pepsi, McDonalds, Jim Henson, TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Lisa Frank, Penguin books, DAW books, Random House, Bantam books, Apple, Universal Studios, RCA/Columbia, CBS, Blockbuster, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Purina, Carnation, Kraft foods, and Nestles.

The Walt Disney Company is one of Corey’s main clients. He paints DVD movie covers, ads and books. Corey has painted over 1,200 jobs for Disney. He is also an official Barbie artist for Mattel. Corey paints DVD movie covers for them.


Artists Anne Timmons, and Latausha Cox contributed to the illustrations for Pink Nose Princess Sophie: Secret Adventure At The Arboretum.

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